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CBDDY™ Brand CBD Products are Manufactured In Arkansas using only the purest form of Cannabidiol (CBD) on the market. Many CBD companies sell CBD Oil that tastes like chewing on a hemp stalk. While few may like this, we've had countless phone calls from customers who are mainly those who have never used Cannabis products. Informing us of how thankful to find CBD that doesn't leave them tasting Hemp each time they burp throughout the day. So, no more putting drops of CBD Oil in peanut butter each morning, chasing with orange juice, or tasting it all day. CBDDY™ CBD Oil is Tasteless Pharmaceutical Grade CBD in (MCT) Oil from organically grown coconuts. CBDDY™ CBD Oil is currently sold in three licensed physicians offices in Arkansas. We love partnering with medical doctors, chiropractors, nutrition stores, convenient stores, LMT's, tobacco stores, novelty stores, boutiques, and any other respectable businesses.

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If you are looking for Thc Free CBD Products you have come to the right place. Have a look around our online store and order anytime you like. Our online shop is secure and encrypted to protect your personal information. Rather you are someone looking for a trusted brand of CBD for yourself or you are a retailer, CBDDY can supply you with high quality CBD. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with any CBDDY product, simply contact us and we'll buy it back from you!

CBDDY™ Products are manufactured in house from Pharmaceutical Grade Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol Isolate Plus. Sourced from Colorado's largest and oldest CBD Isolate manufacturer.

Why is an Broad Spectrum Isolate Plus better than other CBD Isolates on the market? 

CBDDY CBD Isolate Plus still contains the other beneficial cannabinoids stripped from most isolates during the extraction from the industrial hemp. While a lot of our competitors choose the lowest priced cbd isolates, we dug even deeper to uncover the actual source of the purest, highest purity, raw uncut pharmaceutical grade cbd isolate. Through their proprietary purification technology is able to identify the CBD molecule and isolate it to it a staggering 99%+ purity. CBDDY CBD Manufacturers methods are so refined that they are able to remove any THC, residual solvents, or pesticides from the final product. Leaving you with the purest, cannabinoid rich cbd. 

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